Meet Me, The Unhip Housewife

I’m Andrea, and I’m not one of those super-cool, put-together, trendy moms.  I’m more of a…slightly overweight, wears-what’s-comfy, mostly-a-mess kind of mom.  I’ve always followed and admired the hip Instagram mamas with the expensive handbags and cool shades, who run errands in heels and ripped jeans. Sigh…but that’s not me.

I’m a mom of 3 kids. I drive a minivan. I’ve got cellulite, my hair’s a mess and so is my house (most of the time). I’m still looking for the manual on how to be a good wife, a great mom and look cool doing it but I can’t seem to find it. Although sometimes I think I’m screwing everything up, I get it right some of the time!

Follow me for the hysterical stories of my crazy life, household tips I’ve tried (that actually work), and ways I’ve found to save time and money (because I never have enough of either!)