It’s Time For ME!

I used to work out religiously.  In high school, college, when I was a newlywed, even during my first and second pregnancies. I had a gym membership that I loved, and I went religiously.  I also have weights and a treadmill at home I would use if I couldn’t get away to the gym.

But then I turned 40…and simultaneously gave birth to my 3rd child (kids, don’t try this at home).  And then I had thyroid issues.  And then I had thyroid SURGERY.  And then I had endometriosis issues.  And then I had a full hysterectomy.  And then I had intestinal surgery.  It’s been a rough 4 years…

My body was completely out of whack hormonally.  I gained weight and couldn’t lose it.  I felt ugly.  Depressed.  I had no energy.  I didn’t want to be social.

But then things changed.

I got on some good thyroid medicine and got more energy.  I made a change in my mind and decided it was time to take care of ME.

I took the first set of pictures you’ll see below last year in May.  I weighed 199 lbs.  When I gave birth to my first child I was 194 lbs.  My second child was 191.  My third child I weighed 196.  AT BIRTH.  In May of last year and I weighed 199 POUNDS and I wasn’t pregnant.  I didn’t want to ever see the 200 pound mark.


I  joined Weight Watchers (online only, because why would I want to go anywhere?!) and started watching my food intake. Within a few months I lost 22 pounds (these are the bottom row of pictures) and I’ve maintained that weight.

Today I got my first gym membership in 5 years.

The personal trainer who walked me around showing me the gym asked, “What areas are you wanting to focus on?” I said, “Pretty much everything between my neck and ankles.”


This is my new “BEFORE” shot that I took today.  Not bad, but not me.  So I’m on a journey to look better and feel better! I LOVE my curves and don’t plan to lose them. I wouldn’t mind losing the jiggle and the cellulite though.

So ladies (and gentlemen), please will you stand with me and be my support on this journey?  Leave a comment if you’ve struggled with your weight and what helped the most in getting it back in control!  Let’s support each other!

Oh P.S.!! This morning before I went to the gym I was coming up with a thousand excuses NOT to go! I almost didn’t do it today.  And as I was signing up for my membership, I looked over and saw an older gentleman on the exercise bike…and he had his oxygen tank with him.  I saw that and thought, “There are no more excuses!” I mean if that guy can lug his oxygen tank and tubes in with him and work out, Lord knows I can.

Let’s do this!



12 thoughts on “It’s Time For ME!

  1. This year has been a me year too. I have lost 22 pounds with weight watchers online, and have 11 more to go! You’ve got this! I am so proud of all you are doing!


  2. We got this!! Our Fitbit challenge will help!! I am in the same boat and hate to see myself in pictures!! Bless your heart ! I have challenged myself to 10000 steps a day again . This is hard!


  3. you already know me and all the struggles I have had losing weight, until I also joined weight watchers and it has helped me tremendously along with the gym….I am so proud of you, we can all do this together…:)


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